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  1. 7.14.14 -- Goodwin urges public comment
    "We need to make sure anything involving insurance is not decided by the politicians but by the folks who know insurance here."
  2. 11.02.12 -- What Mike Causey Doesn't Know
    The more he talks, the more it's clear-what Causey doesn't know about the job of Insurance Commissioner is scary.
  3. 11.01.12 -- Re-Elect the Firefighters' Choice: Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin
    I have led the charge in the legislature to increase the grant money made available and awarded to our fire, rescue and EMS departments.
  4. 10.29.12 -- Endorsements are pouring in for the re-election of Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin
    Endorsements from major North Carolina newspapers, associations and prominent public figures are pouring in for the re-election of Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin.
  5. 10.22.12 -- Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin Fights Fraud
    As our Insurance Commissioner, I take protecting consumers and fighting insurance crime very seriously.
  6. 10.17.12 -- Charlotte Observer Endorses Wayne Goodwin
    Given the complicated insurance landscape ahead, we recommend voters keep Goodwin in office.
  7. 10.17.12 -- Commissioner Goodwin Keeps NC's Car Insurance Costs Down
    North Carolina has the lowest average car insurance rates in the South and the eighth lowest in the country.
  8. 10.17.12 -- Winston-Salem Journal Endorses Wayne Goodwin
    Goodwin has guided his department through a difficult era for insurance coverage
  9. 10.12.12 -- Not Flashy, but Important
    I've informed you that through my actions North Carolina families and businesses have saved $1.3 Billion and that we've arrested 600+ persons for committing insurance fraud, all on my watch.
  10. 8.30.12 -- North Carolinians are crossing party lines for Goodwin
    North Carolinians are crossing party lines to voice their support for Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin's re-election, as demonstrated on the new website
  11. 3.19.12 -- GOP Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. Endorses Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin for Re-election
    A leading national Republican has endorsed incumbent Democrat Wayne Goodwin in the 2012 race for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner.
  12. 3.7.12 -- N.C. insurance official offers post-storm advice
    As local and state officials continue to assess tornado damage in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus counties, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said he wants to make sure residents have all the information they need to rebuild after last weekend's storms.
  13. 2.26.12 -- N.C. motorists get welcome insurance news
    "The process by which we determine rates in North Carolina has helped keep our average auto insurance rates among the very lowest in the nation," Goodwin said. "I am proud that we have a system in place that protects drivers from excessive rates."
  14. 2.14.12 -- Goodwin talks Irene, wind insurance and re-election
    "My job, even though I am on the ballot under one party label, is not really a partisan job at all. My job is to get remedies for the people and protect folks from unscrupulous practices; it's not a matter of party, ideology or belief."
  15. 2.13.12 -- N.C. Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin Files for Re-election
    Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is proud to announce that he today filed for re-election to a second term so that he can continue to fight fraud, protect citizens from excessive insurance rates and promote more open government.
  16. 1.31.12 -- Goodwin files fundraising report, outpaces competition
    North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin continues to gain momentum as he prepares to file for re-election on Feb. 13.
  17. 1.26.12 -- NC Legislators look at how car insurance rates are set
    "Nothing that's been proposed to date does anything but raise insurance rates for drivers," Goodwin said.
  18. 1.26.12 -- Connect with Commissioner Wayne Goodwin on Facebook and Twitter
    It is an exciting time for North Carolina politics! As the 2012 campaign season heats up, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is ramping up his efforts to reach out to voters, colleagues and supporters.